1 thought on “Welcome to Kahuku Nation

  1. hey im Jameson Kekaualua-Tuiaana im an afatasi boi hlf hawaiian n samoan n i go to waiakea high school on hawaii n im tryna figure out the real way to do da haka but every1 dose there own way n itz kinda gay da only 1z i get down iz kamate,kapa o pango,and the tima tanga n i learned them from watching the All Blackz do it on youtube but den i seen u guyz do 1 in ur locker room n itz preety prime n i wanted to kno if u guyz cud help me write 1 haka foa me n my boiz cause im not to strong wit the polynesian wordz n u guyz seem prime wit it kud u guyz huk me up???? or i waz wondering if we could just use the 1 u guyz wrote n just do dat 1


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