Highlights Are Here FINALLY!!! Girls VB on OC 16 (Wednesday).

We finally found a way to upload the vids for your enjoyment without having it muted or banned. The quality may be a little iffy but we’ll get you higher quality at the seasons end. The play and hit of the game features have been added. Thanks to EVERYONE for voting on Facebook for the Hits of the Game. The highlights from the other games can be found on each team’s schedule page.

Note on the vids: Click the red arrow, wait, and then click the green arrow. The pop-up ad may deceive some to download unnecessary software.

Click Here for the Varsity highlights vs. Waianae
Click Here for the JV highlights vs. Aiea

OC16.tv has stated that they’ll broadcast the Girls VB game tonight at 7pm HST. This game is the 1st round of the state playoffs in a single elimination format.

Click Here at 7pm HST Wednesday to watch our girls VB team.

1 thought on “Highlights Are Here FINALLY!!! Girls VB on OC 16 (Wednesday).

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