The End and Beginning of Legends

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A lot of Kahuku fans recall the 2005 season when thinking of the game this week. Other than the obvious fact that it’s the same 2 teams in the finals, Kahuku was coming into that season after an abrupt ending to the previous season. A huge upset from the Leilehua Mules in 04 was the cause of that ending. Kahuku responded with power and heart which proved valuable in the state championship game. Down 12-21 in the 4th quarter Kahuku stormed back and dominated in all 3 phases of the game giving them a 28-21 lead with 2:30 left. Punahou had one drive left in them though taking the ball all the way down to give them 1st and goal at the Kahuku 3 yardline. That’s when Suaesi Tuimaunei step in and picked off a game sealing pass in the end zone. The win gave Coach Suaki Livai his 4th and last state title as he stepped down as the Red Raiders Head Coach.

Enter Coach Reggie Torres for the 2006 season. As is usual, transition from one system to another may not always be smooth but it may be effective. Defense dominated teams while the offense always found ways to win in the end. The team lost 2 games on the last play but also won many in the same fashion. None more memorable than the win that got them in the big game. With 5 seconds left, Richard Torres hooked up with Shiloah Te’o who then threw a 43-yard bomb to Pelefoni Soliai for the game winning TD over Baldwin. Oh but the dramatics weren’t done, with the Kahuku defense holding down St. Louis for the most part of the championship game, Kahuku still trailed late in the 4th 0-6 and were trying to fight out a late scoring drive. That drive nearly came to an end after the Crusaders stopped us on 4th down with little time left on the clock. It wasn’t over, St. Louis was called for 12 men on the field and that led to Torres hitting Jordan Kapu in the corner of the end zone for a TD to setup a game winning PAT by Kaika Sasaoka. With that win, Coach Reggie has led Kahuku State Championship Teams in 3 different sports.

These are the best memories from some of those players in their own words. Enjoy.

Special Thanks to
BJ Beatty
Micah Wily
Kaulin Krebs
Jason Evans
Nai Fotu
George Tafuna
Ross Salanoa
Kaika Sasaoka
Lehi Aumua
Tyrell Nihipali

BJ Beatty #9 DE (2005)

My memory that I always carry is holding up the trophy after the game with my teammates because that was the goal since the season before. All summer we worked out and all season we just kept the goal in sight. Holding it up was all of our hard work paying off and it was a moment that the team and I could share because we did it for each other, our coaches, our families and for the entire North Shore.

Micah Wily #51 DE (2005)

What I remember from my senior year…was the happiness we brought to the community…what a satisfying feeling it was…to bring home the state championship to the Red Raider Nation faithful…I remember the heart all the players showed on the field…I’m happy to say and say it with pride I’m a RED RAIDER FOR LIFE.

Kaulin Krebs #11 QB (2005)

The night before the game when I was about to go to sleep my dad telling me to not worry about anything because tomorrow I was going to be a champion!
There you go my man. GO BIG RED!

Jason Evans #8 WR (2005)

The thing I remember most about the championship week was after the game … And after changing and walking out of the tunnel and through the empty stadium I just reflected on all the games, practices, and training that led up to that point and being grateful that I played my hardest and I left my heart on the field. This game will be a memory you will carry with you all of your life! And don’t let that memory be one of regret. Give it your all til the clock hits zero.

Nai Fotu #42 LB (2006)

My most memorable memory was the support that we had from our families and our community and how much they depended on us to be state chaps again. I also remember practice that week. We took the field everyday like if its our last but for us seniors it was our last because there is nothing else like Kahuku Football. We all knew that 2007 was a special year but its started from the start. It started from all the struggles we had to go through in camp, all the training, all the practices, and all the the tears from Kaniela Tuipulotu, and George Tafuna because of all the running we did. We all knew that we worked too hard to come this far to just give the one thing we were all reaching for away. Remember the feeling wining the state championship like no one was happier then I was at that point except my teammates. Ii also want to mention the bus ride home after the game we stopped about ten times and did the haka. I’m not going to lie but doing the haka was the most tiring part of the day. I just want to let the boys know that I am very proud of them and they got my support 100%. These memories will stay with you for the rest of your life and it’s up to you guys to make it memorable! Red Raiders For Life
Your biggest fan
Nai Fotu

Siaosi “George” Ikaika Tafuna #44 MLB (2006)

My best memory as a senior during States; before we loaded the buses to go to the game, we had a team meeting in the locker room. We listened to a speech from the movie, Any Given Sunday. After the speech, anyone that had anything they wanted to share about how they felt and how important this game was and what it would take to win it got up and shared. We knew at that time what we were all playing for. We were playing for ourselves, each other, our families and the community. It was a feeling I will never forget!

Ross Salanoa #58 OL (2006)

My best memory of states week definitely has to come from the hype toward the game. Wait I change that, there were two moments.

The hype up to the game was intense. The only topic that entire week was about the game on Friday. Foodland, YM, church, home, school, the newspaper, even parents making good food throughout the week so that you were ready. The support from the community was CRAZY!!! Even the ride to the stadium with all the posters and banners that various families would put along the highway! That feeling was intense! You literally know at that moment (if you didn’t already know) that you represented the entire North Shore! Even BYUH! LOL. that was one of the greatest moments, realizing just how many people really looked up to you, as if saying, “do this for me!”

Now the feeling after winning the game goes hand in hand with the hype. To win was like saying “Thank you to all those who have helped you to grow!”, not just in football, but as a person in general. Math teachers, elementary teachers, aunties and uncles, alumnus and especially your parents, and like you know KahukuNation, when your parents are die hard Red Raiders, there is nothing like winning a state championship! For me, it was my way of saying thank you to everyone! So yeah, hopefully that helped! haha Thanks KahukuNation!

Lehi Aumua #3 RB (2006)

Most memorable thing about the 07 state champs is the infamous Kahuku Stretch. Fans waiting along side the road beeping horns, fire truck sirens, loud music knowing dat we made our supporters (families and friends) happy by bringing the trophy home to the NORTH SHORE!!

Kaika Sasaoka #57 S/K (2006)


Tyrell Nihipali #52 OL (2006)

Best memory I have of that day was on kick return while looking at the crowd and seeing no empty seats, the support was amazing! I will always remember the inch by inch talk, the hype, the unity of the team, and especially the win. Kahuku football truly is something you dream of as a young child, and its a dream that will always be instilled in every child on the North Shore. When the chance comes for you to live that dream, you give it all you got cause you only got one chance to live it and what better way to end it with a state title. Just as most of us would say it is a way that we were able to give back to our community, families, friends, leaders, coaches, you name it. Live the dream boys! Make it a memory you’ll never forget! Remember who you represent! Bring home what is rightfully ours! Go Big Red!

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