Rankings are as of November 30th, 2011

Scoring Live – #1 in Hawaii
Max Preps – #1 in Hawaii
USA Today – #1 in Hawaii

Current win streak is at 6.
10/7/11 Castle 35-0
10/21/11 Waianae 20-16
10/28/11 Leilehua 9-7 Stadium
11/4/11 Farrington 23-0 Stadium
11/18/11 Leilehua 13-10 2OT Stadium
11/25/11 Punahou 30-24 Stadium STATE CHAMPS!!!

26 thoughts on “Rankings

  1. hell no!!! i seen kahuku play live and farrington play live, kahuku is just too fast both sides of the ball, especialy on defence kahuku will suffocate farrington!.

  2. red raider notion baby u know how we do cmon boys beat leilehua friday night not for the fans not for the skool but win for u guys showed way team is ranked number one in the state

  3. My daughter-in-law, Amithy (Hubbell) Barbera, and her entire family, from her sister to her grandmother all went to Kahuku HS. Kahuku has a new mainland (Haole) fan .. ME! I’m convinced that the Kahuku Red Raiders is the finest High School football team in the NATION! The ‘HAKA’ is new to me. I noticed Aofaga Wily (#9), via video, (After the Kahuku – Punahou game) had a fire in his eyes that was matchless .. Rock ON Red Raiders!! Hopefully, ALL of you guys will choose UCLA as your college of choice to play football.

  4. Finnaly kahuku won by a big margin in the state championship because if you look at the history which is dominated by St.louis kahuku got licked 5 times in the prep bowls days and when kahuku when the last 5 there never won by a lot it was dog shit wins but anyways congrats to kahuku but expect 2 years from now a damm good st.louis crusader squad because they are stacked

    • Things change when you level the playing field. The State Tournament took away the ILH’s ability to play 5th year seniors. You should probably get your facts straight before you make such statements. I guess facts aren’t your forte though since you didn’t see the actual scores of those 5 prep bowls.

      Let me help you with your history. Since the 5th year seniors got pulled from the ILH, what’s Kahuku’s record against St. Louis? Maybe this question will help you out with the last one. When was the last time the Crusaders beat Kahuku?

      That ringing sound isn’t your phone, you’re just getting schooled son.

  5. 2007 boy thats the last time st.louis beat kahuku and why is it when you guys have ONE good year you guys made like you guys been winning for years or sumthing

    • Oh sorry I missed that one. Congrats bro. Since the 2000 season, you guys have beaten Kahuku once. Thanks for the great example. BTW who has the most D1 football championships? Yeah, I rest my case.

  6. OH yes definitely i would love to see KAHUKUs defense try TRINITYS OFFENSE! THS offense is one hell of a Oline there fast and extremely huge

  7. US BELLEVUE WOLVERINES are looking foward to playing TRINITY this year. Its going to be tough on us. idk about this team though this red raider team probably cant stand a chance to us and especially trinity.

  8. KAHUKU stanz no chance against the team in TEXAS. TRINITY those boyz are overgrown savages and will make the red raiders bleed blue lol….

  9. Bellevue isn’t going to be as versatile as this year. If anything, Budda Baker is their go-to guy if they can’t do anything. Watching the championship wasn’t even all that, Budda did most of the work offensively. Defense was alright, but Kahuku’s D would probably hold him down. Kahuku doesn’t take random kids around the state like all the other private schools or the schools up in WA to improve their team. They’re all home grown. They have that ” I don’t give a damn if you’re big, your gettin smacked” type of mindset. Hope that they play each other this up coming year.


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